1 CHF = 1.05913605 EUR

Note: It is the Interbank/mid-market exchange rate Last updated: January 24, 2024

Convert CHF to EUR online with today's interbank/mid-market exchange rate

Our online currency converter shows the value of 1 Swiss Franc to Euro at the current exchange rate of EUR 1.05913605. You will get 1.05913605 Euro for 1 Swiss Franc today, i.e. Wednesday, 19.06.2024. In addition, we have also included a table of the most common CHF to EUR currency conversions and historical charts showing current, weekly and monthly CHF to EUR exchange rates.

Most common CHF to EUR Conversion Rates: Conversion Table

Swiss Franc (CHF) Euro (EUR)
1 CHF 1.05913605 EUR
100 CHF 105.913605 EUR
200 CHF 211.82721 EUR
250 CHF 264.7840125 EUR
300 CHF 317.740815 EUR
350 CHF 370.6976175 EUR
400 CHF 423.65442 EUR
450 CHF 476.6112225 EUR
500 CHF 529.568025 EUR
750 CHF 794.3520375 EUR
1000 CHF 1059.13605 EUR
2000 CHF 2118.2721 EUR

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